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Ecommerce Website Development Services

for UK businesses to sell online.

FMEOS UK focuses on bespoke eCommerce solutions & custom website shopping cart development that fit your business challenges. We make selling online easy for UK online retailers.

We specialize in eCommerce solutions that enable your eCommerce website to attract more online traffic and sales. At FMEOS UK, we provide custom eCommerce website development services that include a bespoke and responsive design for platforms like WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop and Magento, plus search engine optimization (SEO). Learn more about how our bespoke eCommerce web design services can help grow your business online.

We provide eCommerce website design and eCommerce development services across all platforms, including but not limited to.

WooCommerce eCommerce Website Development services Shopify Website development Magento design and development OpenCart website design services BigCommerce design and development PrestaShop development and integration

Increase sales with bespoke eCommerce website design and development services.

Ecommerce website design and development services are important for success in the competitive eCommerce market. Our services provide a solid foundation on which to build your success, including the following:

  •   Creative eCommerce web design
  •   Bespoke eCommerce website development solutions
  •   Secure (HTTPS) website hosting
  •   Proven eCommerce SEO strategies to drive sales
  •   And more

With 15+ years of eCommerce experience, hundreds of customers and a team of exceptional in-house developers and designers, FMEOS can provide you with a powerful solution for eCommerce web design. As a leading eCommerce design service provider in the UK, we specialise in enhancing customer engagement with retail brands.



We would love to talk more about your business, your eCommerce needs, and how we can help. Use the form to start a conversation about your project.

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Creative eCommerce Website Design in the UK

At FMEOS, we understand that a strong, effective eCommerce website is critical to your success. We offer creative, fully customised UX Focused eCommerce web design and development services to UK-based companies. Our team of experts will work with you to create a website that is optimised for search engines, easy to use, and designed to convert visitors into customers. Organic growth can be a challenge with the ever-changing search engine and social media algorithms. While you can’t control those changes, you can control your website. We've been designing eCommerce websites for over 15 years, so we're well-versed in the field. Furthermore, we've created hundreds of eCommerce websites for UK firms and international brands.

How Much Does An Ecommerce Website Cost?

Each eCommerce website is different and requires a different amount of work. There are many eCommerce platforms available to choose from and the cost varies according to your choice. We offer several different packages so you can determine the one that is right for you. Our starter eCommerce web design package starts at £590 and is perfect for start-ups and small businesses. Our premium web design package costs £4190, and we have several packages in between so you can find the one that is right for your business.

Our process for eCommerce development services

Partnering with FMEOS for ecommerce development services is hassle-free because we provide a do-it-for-me solution that follows a process we’ve been perfecting for more than 15 years.

Here is a preview of our process for ecommerce website design services:

Plan Your New Website: We’ll work out a work schedule and project scope and discuss the technologies we will use on your website. Assign a project manager and development team.

Design Your Website: We will create a wireframe for you to approve before your developer begins the work. 

Build Your eCommerce Website: After you approve the design, our developer will get to work on building your eCommerce website. 

Test Your Website: We take the time to test each function on your website to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Then we send it back to you for approval.

Launch Your Website: Once you have approved the function and appearance of your new site, we will publish it.

The above is a preview of our eCommerce web development agency’s process, we will also review and create a URL mapping and content migration plan if you have an existing website. — for more information, contact us today!

Need a custom eCommerce website? we have personalized solutions that can fit your needs.

The rise of eCommerce has changed the way consumers shop online, transforming the way businesses sell and market their products.

If you want to develop a custom, well-branded eCommerce website, FMEOS has the staff and solutions to develop custom eCommerce websites. We specialize in custom eCommerce website design and pride ourselves on our ability to push the limits of what's possible to create truly unique and innovative designs. Our team has a wealth of experience working with major corporations, and we have the workforce to handle even the most complex projects.


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Custom website design expertise

At FMEOS, We design websites tailored to your specific requirements to match your brand, your vision, and your needs.


Websites with unique functionality

Our team of expert developers can create custom functionality to make your website easier to shop and manage on the fly.


API, ERP & data integrations  

Data integration is critical for eCommerce websites to function properly and provide a good user experience. We have extensive experience integrating data with complex business rules.

What is included in eCommerce website design services?

Our eCommerce website development services include everything you need to launch and market a successful eCommerce business online. At FMEOS, we provide complete eCommerce website design services for planning, building, and executing online stores of all sizes. Learn more about what our services include, in addition to a bespoke, responsive, and SEO-friendly design:

Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and OpenCart ecommerce web design

Our eCommerce website development services for online businesses feature the top eCommerce platforms like Magento (Adobe Commerce), Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart or custom platforms. These eCommerce CMS are flexible, have plenty of options, and gives eCommerce website owners and managers all the tools they need to become top eCommerce companies in their fields, including the options to properly track and manage store inventory, monitor and complete orders, and add media to their website.

Storefront design and shopping cart development for eCommerce website

FMEOS never relies on design templates, so every online store we design is completely custom. We design storefronts and shopping carts as a part of our eCommerce web development services to provide a comprehensive eCommerce solution.  

Whether you need a basic checkout or a customized checkout process, our team of eCommerce web developers can handle your needs. 

We can help any eCommerce company build profitable online operations by providing unique sophisticated tools, store management, frequent shopper programs, discounted pricing, special product availability, easy catalog management, secure transactions (with SSL), inventory tracking, CRM integration, and other application development.

Checkout & Credit Card Processing - Visa, Mastercard

With our custom eCommerce website development services, our clients benefit from merchant accounts and credit card processing. We integrate payments for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and other payment providers to offer businesses tailor-made payment solutions for their needs and budgets.

We also integrate with many common eCommerce payment processors such as Stripe,, PayPal & more, while still being able to accommodate custom payment gateway integrations. FMEOS also consults on eCommerce regulations & compliance (PCI, GDRP, etc.)

SEO-Friendly design and Online marketing for eCommerce website

If no one buys from an eCommerce website, then what is the point of having one? Your eCommerce website needs to be optimized for search engines to drive website traffic and be profitable.

All of our eCommerce design and development services are built with search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) in mind. Through our expert SEO services, we’ll optimize your online store website using established search engine optimisation strategies. We have an in-house team of digital marketers and content writers to help design and develop effective strategies to ensure that you’re not just increasing traffic, but also increase your conversions.  

As an experienced eCommerce web design service provider, we’ll leave no stone unturned.

We take into consideration site structure, website load speed & core web vitals scores, content, and more during the website build.
Our eCommerce marketing experts will be involved in your project from beginning to end, assuring your launch is smooth and rankings are retained and/or improved. 

Get an eCommerce Store Targeted for the UK

It is more important than ever for brands to be deliberate about the customers they target. That is why it makes sense to hire the UK market-targeted team to design and develop your eCommerce website. 
We know the UK market. After all, we are developing UK websites for more than a decade. We can help you get the eCommerce website design UK residents will connect with. When your content resonates with local audiences, it drives sales organically, no matter how crowded the market.

Frequently Asked Questions about eCommerce Website Development Services

Want to know more about eCommerce website design development services? Read our FAQs

Do you offer bespoke eCommerce website design and development solutions?

Yes, at FMEOS we have a team of expert developers who can create a complete bespoke eCommerce website, meaning we don’t use templates or pre-made style guides for your eCommerce store. We'll work with your brand guidelines and create a vision to develop a unique website that represents your company's personality and eCommerce needs. 

What are the various platforms that you provide for eCommerce development?

We have experienced developers working with most of the popular eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento (Adobe Commerce), WooCommerce (WordPress), BigCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop and more. We’ve also developed countless fully custom eCommerce websites as needed to accommodate unique needs.

How much do ecommerce website development services cost?

The cost of an eCommerce website will vary depending on several factors, like your number of products, development time, complexity, eCommerce web design agency, and more. On average, UK eCommerce businesses invest £1000 to £15,000 to design, develop, and launch an eCommerce website.

Is search engine optimization included in eCommerce website development?

Every eCommerce website we create is built to SEO best practices to make it SEO-Friendly. During development, we do everything possible to create an SEO foundation for the website and help your site rank well on search engine results pages. Many of our websites rank well from the start, but to achieve great results, we recommend an ongoing SEO campaign.

Do you provide ongoing eCommerce website maintenance services?

Yes, we do! At FMEOS we offer monthly maintenance packages that cover a wide variety of essential and helpful tasks related to managing and maintaining your eCommerce website. You focus on your business, while we take care of all the technical challenges that your eCommerce website faces, including core and plugin file updates, speed and function maintenance, security and more.

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